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Specialized Markets
Specialized Markets

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Fermi Lab: Thermionics Metal Processing, Inc. (TMPI) staff of experienced and knowledgeable employees (phD Chemist, Materials Scientist, Process Engineers) from varying technical backgrounds was able to modify existing processes and inline tests to deliver parts of verifiable (NVR-gravimetric analysis) cleanliness. Parts were manufactured and cleaned (TMPI/TLI) prior to installation in FERMI particle accelerator.

Major Semiconductor Equipment Mfg: TMPI was able to modify, scale, and optimize an alternative cleaning process which allowed a simplification of rework and significantly reduced the customers lead time. (Viton from AL)

Major Metrology Equipment Mfg: TMPI developed proprietary cleaning and packaging for highly-polished (mirror finish) optical components including lens apertures by identifying evolving requirements and developing road maps in partnership with leading metrology manufacturers. (Ni plated optical surfaces)

Major Medical Equipment Mfg: TMPI provides guidance and materials knowledge to develop suitable cleaning processes, consolidate existing recipes, and propose new recipes in line with current trends and best industry standards. (Implantable devices, diagnostic & spectrometry equipment)

Contract Manufacturers: TMPI provides formal knowledge of cleaning and surface treatment and certifies to National and International Standards, Industry typical specs and procedures for volume cleaning and provides guidance to tool shops handling OEM requirements.

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