ISO 9001:2015

Aerospace and Defense

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Aerospace and Defense
Aerospace and Defense
    Process Monitoring:

  • DI Water Monitoring: Conductivity, Ph, Na-content, & Bacteria Count
  • Waste Water Monitoring: Metals Analysis using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Clean Room, Oven Monitoring: Particles, Humidity, Temperature, and Air-flow
  • Processing Tanks: Concentration, Accumulation of Contaminants
  • Monitoring, Ph and conductivity Measurement, UltraSonic Intensity
  • Cleanliness Monitoring: Al, SST, and Ceramic Coupons
    Typical Cleanliness:

  • Volatile Residues (Outgassing): < 50 ng/cm2 typical : 3ng/cm2
  • Non-Volatile Residue: < 1milligram/m2 : 0.1mg/ft2
  • Particles: IEST-STD-CC1246D Level 50
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